Foreign affairs service
  【 Gaotai county party committee office】Address: No.11 county government Street Telephone: 86-0936-6621123 Zip code: 734300 NO.11 County Government West Street, Chengguan Town, Gaotai County( comprehensive office building of direct department at the county level ) ……        <MORE>  
Investment projects
  【ancient city-states project of silk road】By giving full play to the integrated advantages of perfect combination of historical relics resources, desert resources, land resources, oasis resources and water resources in the surrounding area of ancient ruins in Camel City, .……            <MORE>  
Gaotai County is located in the middle of Hexi Corridor in Gansu Province, lower section in the middle reaches of Heihe River, with convenient transportation and evident geographical advantages. Lying the north-south high, intermediate low, the County is bounded by Linze county in the east, Jiuquan city and Jiayuguan in the west, Sunan Yugur Autonomous County in the south, and Alxa Youqi of Inner Mongolia in the north. The county covers a total area of 4,425 square kilometers, governing over three towns and six villages, seven community neighborhood committees and 136 administrative villages, with a total population of 158,300 people.
 Gaotai County enjoys a profound history and culture. It is a vital to the silk road, also the intersection of both central plains culture and western culture, which has formed a culture of diversity. There are three units of cultural relics protection at national level, four sites at provincial level, more than ten at the county level, and a hundred and thirty-two pieces of library collections of first-class culture relics at the national level within the country. .……            <MORE >

Development goals

[economy] we endeavor to realize faster growth of economy aggregate, continue to promote national economy at a higher pace. By 2015, three industries  
structure can be adjusted to 32:42:26, an annual growth of locally general budget revenue on average of13%【People's livelihood】 an annual average growth of 11% will be accomplished in per capita net income of farmers, up to 9,350 .……       <MORE>

The application procedures of foreign-invested enterprise

1, sign a letter of intent for the project. 2, submit a project feasibility study report for approval.3, report to development and reform department project management files. 4, register  
enterprise name, conduct registration formalities and business license in the minist5, manage land use certificate in territorial resources department.6, manage permission notes for location in urban construction department7, deal with environmental impact assessment report in environmental protection administration8, audit and put on file in development and reform department, ……            <MORE>

Investment preferential policy

Our county belong to the region of fifteen types, thus the minimum standard value for the transfer of land for industrial use is 60 Yuan per square meter. For enterprise which obtains the
qualification of high and new technology, its income tax shall be levied according to 15% of the tax rate. As to environmental protection, energy saving water saving and safe production of special equipment, enterprise .……  <MORE>

Natural resources

Proved mineral resources in the County mainly include: Glauber's salt, crude salt, sylvite, fluorite, vermiculite, silica, barite, granite, gypsum and so on, 20 species in total. It is rich in wheat, corn,  
soybeans, beans, rice, sesame, millet, buckwheat and cotton, sugar beet, vegetables, etc. Gaotai is one of the national commodity grain base counties, the total grain amount of more than 160 million kilograms.Gaotai county is a national model county in greening, forest land area of more than 400,000 mu, standing timber wood volume of 730000 cubic meters. .……   <MORE>
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